FreeTaxUSA is an experienced tax preparation service that has helped file more than 9 million tax returns since its inception in 2001. Founded by a Certified Public Accountant and a team of software engineers, the company sought to create a simplified approach to tax preparation. Keeping true to its patriotic roots, the company asserts it only uses U.S.-based employees for all customer service representatives. The company is committed to providing a highly secure yet affordable approach to filing tax returns, offering a 100% Accuracy Guarantee that its calculations will be correct, to help you rest a little easier.

Ease of Use

FreeTaxUSA begins with a Q&A to determine your life status and which forms will be applicable to your return, which can help maximize your tax refund and minimize your tax liability by determining exactly which deductions and credits you may be entitled to. As you move through the questions, a refund calculator will keep track of how much you’ll be refunded or how much you’ll owe. FreeTaxUSA will also file an extension at no charge if you need more time. Once you complete your return, any refund can be deposited directly deposited into your checking account after your return has been accepted and processed by the IRS.


FreeTaxUSA offers a “Help & Tax Tips” page on its site, which offers a variety of topical tax information. Unlike some online preparation services, a separate category of links offers users information on roughly 30 different states. Under the “Federal Tax Help Categories,” you can access the major IRS forms instructions, retirement tax planning and general information covering tax preparation tips.

Customer Support

FreeTaxUSA not only extends customer support to its users, but even to potential customers who haven't set up an online account. In addition to an abundance of links to assist with account creation and navigating the software, U.S.-based customer support is available to answer both technical and tax-related questions via email. FreeTaxUSA also extends priority customer support to users of the Deluxe Edition.


FreeTaxUSA is so confident that it get you the biggest refund, that it has a Refund Maximizer section where you can input your current year's tax return information from another e-file service provider. If the program calculates a larger refund, the website will invite you to file an amended tax return (1040X) via e-file.

If you've already filed your return and later realize that you've made an error, FreeTaxUSA allows Deluxe Edition users to file amended returns for both federal and state.

Another benefit FreeTaxUSA offers is the ability to file prior years’ tax returns. Since prior year federal tax returns cannot be e-filed, the website allows you to prepare earlier years and simply print it out for traditional mail. You can access federal returns as far back as 2008.

FreeTaxUSA also offers Deluxe Edition users Audit Assist. If you receive an audit notice, FreeTaxUSA audit specialists will help you prepare for your audit and write responses to specific IRS notices you may receive. If you're not quite ready to file your tax return, the company can help you file a federal tax extension for free.


FreeTaxUSA sets itself apart from its competitors by allowing unlimited additional tax forms. In other words, if you were self-employed, had investment income, attended school or owned a home during the tax year, you'll still be able to use the Free Edition.

Free Edition is free for federal filing and $12.95 per state return filed.

Deluxe Edition is $5.95 for federal filing and $12.95 per state return filed. Using this version will allow you to receive priority customer support, utilize Audit Assist or amend the current year at no additional charge.


You’ll be hard pressed to find another tax preparation service with such competitive pricing. With Audit Assistance and prioritized customer service for less than $20, Deluxe Edition users get a whole lot of bang for their buck. With an array of deduction and credit finders to help determine your maximum refund, FreeTaxUSA could potentially save you money. Perhaps best of all, since you don’t have to pay your filing fee until you’re ready to submit your return, you can essentially test the service for free before committing to pay. All of these perks add up to make FreeTaxUSA a great choice.